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PAX West 2018: God Of War Director Shares Ideas For Superman Game

With this year’s PAX West in Seattle, the four day convention has a list of panels for fans and enthusiasts to tune into when attending the event. At an panel named ‘The Quest for the Perfect Superman Game’, gaming identities like Greg Miller and Jared Petty hosted the panel to convey why it’s difficult for the iconic DC hero to have a good game.

Along with others joining in on the discussion, one interesting guest was Cory Barlog, Director of this year’s God Of War. Who talked about the previous flawed Superman games along with sharing some ideas that he would honestly pitch for a game.

The first was an obvious joke referring to Barlog’s latest game, having an older Superman teaching his son as his successor. The second being a combination between the television series Smallville and Atlus’ Persona. Playing a young Clark Kent as he first discovers his abilities and learns how to control them. Balancing his social interactions as an high schooler and trying to understand his powers in the process.

Barlog follows up on the pitch that the game would have the player explore the psychology of being a being that can save anyone. But in reality, was completely unrealistic for that to physically happen. As the game starts you would hear screams for help, your aid would build a reputation the more you save people. Barlog adds onto the idea with an example stating:

Let’s say there are four people who need to be saved. At your best moment as Superman, you can save two. That means two were not saved and that weighs on him. It’s not the people that he saved. It’s the two people that he didn’t save, the crimes he couldn’t stop, and there is suffering that comes from that.

Ultimately discovering that saving victims would start to pull you into insanity, and you would have to figure out a plan to save everyone. Though this might be an excellent idea on paper, Barlog responded to his pitch that it would be “fairly impossible”. entering the third act of the game Superman would run for President, at more of a global scale to bring those of Earth together through positivity and more courageous rescues to display how everyone can be Superman, figuratively.

Slightly brushing up on what the gameplay might be when asked by a listener in the audience, the game wouldn’t start with Superman fists ready for bad guys. the soon to be hero would deal with situations more cautiously as he began to determine who he really is. Not until he runs into a true antagonist, is when he realizes the pressure that lays on top of him and conditions towards Superman.

For which studio would develop the made up game, Barlog suggested that Ninja Theory would be best suited for the project. With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the UK-based developer, if the game was to happen, would be exclusive to the Xbox platform.

Source: Game Informer

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