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PAX West 2019: Indivisible Stands Out Among The RPG Genre

During my recent trip to Seattle for PAX West, I played a variety of upcoming games including the AAA titles down to the more personal indie games. Some of the best highlights of PAX always include the indie games as you get a chance to connect with the developers and see just how hard the smaller teams work to bring these games to light. One such game was Indivisible, an upcoming action RPG platformer hybrid from developer Lab Zero Games, best known for their work on Skullgirls. 

Indivisible follows the story of main protagonist Ajna who is a bit of a rebel and has no issue with speaking her mind to anyone. While Ajna is the star of the show, she has a bit of help from “Incarnations”, people that she can get to fight with her in combat. A wide variety of these “Incarnations” can be found in the game, and while I was limited to the demo, I still had access to a good amount of interchangeable party members each with their own unique skills and traits. These party members also have their own unique stories and will interact with Ajna to help each other learn more about themselves and the dangerous world they live in.

One of the first things that attracted me to this title was it’s art style and fluidity of animation. If you were a fan of Skullgirls, developer Lab Zero takes that art style and cranks it up a notch with beautiful character animation, background art and overall presentation. At a first glance you may think Indivisible is a side scrolling action game, which isn’t wrong, but quickly shows you that it is even more. When you encounter an enemy in the world, the game shifts gears and goes into a turn based style RPG view with Ajna and three other party members that you have assigned.

As I said before, party members each have their own skills which could include melee combat, magic or even healing. They each have their own specialties and making sure your party is well balanced and equipped for battle is essential. Each one of them is assigned to a button (I was playing using an Xbox One controller, so ABXY were used) and by hitting their respective button, they perform their skill. These skills then recharge over time, but the cool thing was that you could have multiple party members attack at once for some combo hits. Timing your usage of attacks is important to preserve energy. A meter is also displayed on the screen that fills over time with attacks that can be used to charge up attacks for any member of your party. Combat was really satisfying and fun and is complemented well by the art and sound design.

Aside from the combat, the exploration and platforming segments were also very fun. Ajna has a ton of different moves that she can use in the overworld with more that are taught or unlocked throughout the game. Some of the platforming was very tricky and took me a quite a few tries to get right. After much trial and error I finally started getting the hang of things and it made moving around and exploring all the more satisfying. I was told that as the game progresses, more techniques are introduced that will get more and more challenging. I had a taste of this in my demo and can definitely say that is true.

Overall, Indivisible takes the best of RPG and Platforming and blends them into something insanely unique, with some of the best art and fluid animation I have seen for an independent title. This is surely one to look out for.

Indivisible is planned for release on October 8th for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works but will be arriving a bit later with a tentative 2020 release date. For consoles, a physical release is also happening thanks to publisher 505 Games.

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