PAYDAY 3: Chapter 2 – Boys in Blue releases June 27

Posted on June 21, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Deep Silver and Starbreeze have confirmed the second DLC Expansion for PAYDAY 3: Chapter 2 – Boys in Blue will be released on June 27, 2024, on all platforms. The new DLC is available to those who own the Silver Edition, Gold Edition, and Gold Pass versions of PAYDAY 3. Players can also buy it separately on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

Following the events in Chapter 1: Syntax Error, the gang will take the heist to a police station, capturing the essence of PAYDAY, where every stolen gold bar is a statement against authority.

payday 3 boys in blue

Boys in Blue Features

The Heist Pack: with PAYDAY 3: Chapter 2 – Boys in Blue

The Weapon Pack with 3 new weapons, 26 mods and 2 cosmetics

The Tailor Pack with 4 new masks, 4 new suits, and 4 new gloves.

PAYDAY 3 second DLC Expansion comes also with a major free update. The Boys in Blue free update will be available for all players including:

Solo Mode Beta (on all platforms)

New heister Clover, originally introduced to the PAYDAY series in 2014, including a gun and weapon charm

New Primary weapon – LMG

Loadout renaming

3 new masks

12 new flag stickers

Twitch drops

The Boys in Blue update will also introduce the Solo Mode Beta, addressing community feedback since the launch of PAYDAY 3 last Fall.

In this beta, the sections of the game previously hosted on PAYDAY servers are now hosted on players’ devices. The function skips the matchmaking step, so players need to log in and have internet access only for the initial identification and start-up. This is the initial step to eventually support a complete offline option.

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