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PC Early Access Games: Pros And Cons


If you’re a PC gamer you know about Early Access games like DayZ, Rust, Reign Of Kings, H1Z1, The Forest, and many more. You either love the idea of Early Access or Hate it. We all know the game creation process is long and hard, you have to program every little thing, you have to create player models, a story, the map design, and tons of other little things. If you play on console or even PC you play games that are fully developed after a time span of about 3-4 years maybe longer of work.  Even after those 3-4 years the game still has issues on launch and many other problems along the road with glitches players find, or bugs in the coding of the game. Early Access lets the game developers find the problems faster, know exactly what people are looking for, and get enough money to continue development. There are Pros and Cons to Early Access so lets look into them.



Some reasons why people dislike the Early Access idea is because the games are so broken and nearly unplayable at first it isn’t very fun. Early Access games usually come out when the game is in a playable state, admittedly the so called “playable state” may not be the best gaming experience ever but it does give you a small idea on what the game can amount to. A problem with Early Access games is according to the steam guidelines of Early Access the company developing the game does not have to produce a finished version. A game called Star Bound is Early Access and so many people have payed to play it that they company has a good amount of money. Development on Star Bound has progressively been slowing down, people say the game is very good in its reviews which is believable. The last update for the game was February 17th, but the company has overall gotten very lazy in development because of the amount of money they made off early access alone, leaving the customers disappointed because they may never get their game. One more down side to Early Access is that if the game development takes 3-4 years average, you may be playing for a very long time. Think about all the games you’ve played, has there ever been a game you committed to for 3-4 years? I doubt really any of us have, now days the next game is out in a year and there are so many games coming out around the same time we are all over the place. Most likely after playing the game for a year or 2 you get bored of it and wont play it for a long time if not ever. This ruins the experience for the person playing the game, They will truly never get to know what the “finished” version of the game will be like, what’s the fun in that?


Even though there are a good amount of problems with Early Access, there is still good things about it as well. The 1st benefit being you get to enjoy a game and test it out for a fraction of the price. Most new triple A games are $59.99, Early Access games can range from $20 to possible $45 at most. When you play a finished game with your friends the conversation of “Man I wish they did this” comes up almost all the time. With Early Access you do have the power to say, “Hey developers do this” and if enough people say that you’ll most likely see it in some future update. The Company can easily get front page on steam and increase the amount of revenue the receive.


I personally have no problems with early access, it is the buyers choice whether he or she purchases the game and it’s their opinion on if the game is good or not. Just because someone who plays Call of Duty doesn’t like DayZ doesn’t mean you won’t like it either. So I encourage anyone interested in an Early Access game to do a litter research first maybe watch some videos, and then from there decide whether to buy it or not. There are little pros to Early Access but that doesn’t mean the game will be terrible. I love DayZ and Rust even if they do have their fair share of bugs, but what game doesn’t?



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