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PC Game Pass Goes Full Swing On NVIDIA GeForce Now This Week

Posted on August 23, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Although Microsoft continues to billboard its Xbox Series X|S console duo, the firm has and continues to delve deeper into cloud streaming. Part of the ongoing battle to purchase Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has signed deal to further its reach within the platform. One document shared that the Xbox company even overshadowed its own launch for the newest models in favor of Xbox Cloud Gaming then.

Additionally, Microsoft continues with agreements to bring more games to other platforms. So far, we’ve seen this manifest with Boosteroid alongside a select number of titles hit NVIDIA GeForce Now as well. This week, it is revealed that Ubisoft is to purchase Microsoft’s real estate in the cloud streaming market to better the Xbox firm’s chances in paying the $69 billion acquisition.

Also this week, NVIDIA GeForce now is to fully embrace PC Game Pass. This includes a grander bundle of titles from Xbox Game Studios & Bethesda as well. From The Verge, this officially arrives on August 24th.

Members will soon be able to stream over ten supported Xbox PC Game Pass titles at GeForce RTX 4080 quality across devices of their choice. More games from Xbox’s PC Game Pass library will be added to GeForce NOW on a regular basis. Head to the cloud and stream new titles joining later this week, including DOOM 2016 from Bethesda.

“Several titles from Bethesda’s well-known franchises — DOOM, Quake and Wolfenstein — will join the cloud this month for a mix of modern and classic first-person shooter games to enjoy across nearly all devices. Feel the heat with the DOOM franchise, recognizable through its fast-paced epic gameplay and iconic heavy-metal soundtrack. Players take on the role of the DOOM Slayer to fight hordes of invading demons.

“In addition, the Quake series features single- and multiplayer campaigns with gritty gameplay and epic music scores in which members can enjoy two sides of the legendary series,” NVIDIA pens in a separate blog post. “The modern Wolfenstein games feature intense first-person combat against oversized Nazi robots, hulking super soldiers and elite shock troops. Discover an unfamiliar world ruled by a familiar enemy — one that’s changed and twisted history as you know it.

“Experience all of these iconic franchises with an Ultimate or Priority membership. Priority members get faster access to GeForce RTX servers in the cloud over free members, along with up to six-hour gaming sessions. Ultimate members can raze their enemies in epic 4K and ultrawide resolution, with up to eight-hour gaming sessions.”

What has you most excited for PC Game Pass hitting NVIDIA GeForce Now?

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