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Persona 5 Listed For Nintendo Switch

Posted on April 3, 2019 by Tyler Nienburg

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Earlier this week Best Buy posted a new render of upcoming fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Persona 5 fan favorite, Joker. Mystic, who is a Persona fan translator and is known to find intel early has found a listing for Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch.  The listing was found on the Best Buy website as you can see the image below:

There were no other details found besides the fact it will be on Nintendo’s console in the future and the price will be $59.99. In March, Atlus announced Persona 5 R with more details to come later this month, specifically April 24. There’s a chance we could see a Nintendo Direct this month as we have yet to find out when fans will be able to play as Joker in Smash Ultimate.

Stay tuned for more updates on Persona 5 for the Nintendo Switch.


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