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The Main Theme Of Persona 6 Is “Black and White”, According To Leaker

Posted on September 2, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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New leaks have been coming out regarding Atlus’ upcoming Persona 6 game which’s been long reported to be in development. Most recently, a known industry insider shared that the new Persona game would be coming to Xbox Day One alongside its release on PlayStation.

The latest Persona 6 leak comes from TheRealImAHeroToo where he says the main theme of the new Persona game is “black and white” while some parts still look Green in the gills. The release of Persona 6 is still further away than we anticipate and it’s possible it will come beyond 2024. The original plan from Atlus was to be revealed last Winter says the leaker.

They also say a new Persona game has not been revealed and it’s supposedly a party game.

This information came from a resetera thread that also shared new information about the Nintendo Switch 2 and what new features it’ll come with.

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