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Phantom Dust reboot studio shuts down, game still in the works

Posted on February 18, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Independent development studio Darkside Games, which was working on the planned reboot of the cult classic Phantom Dust, shut down this afternoon in the wake of news that Microsoft had cancelled their version of the game. Phantom Dust is still in development for Xbox One – Head of Marketing for Xbox, Aaron Greenberg says development on the new Phantom Dust is moving full steam ahead. He did not specify who will take over the development of the game.

Microsoft unveiled the new Phantom Dust at last years E3 with a small trailer but did not officially say who was developing the game, which is expected to be a reboot of the 2004 Xbox game that was “Phantom Dust” of course.

Phantom Dust is a card-based action-strategy game designed by Yukio Futatsugi.

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