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Phantom Dust will re-release tomorrow on Xbox One and Windows 10

Posted on May 15, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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UPDATE: Phantom Dust is now available to down on Xbox One and Windows 10. Click here to download. 
Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg announced on Twitter today that the Phantom Dust re-release launches tomorrow, May 16, on both Xbox One and PC (Windows 10 only). The best news about this is that it will be a free download.

The game is indeed a re-release, but it comes with improvements compared to the original version.  It runs at a higher resolution than the original game, supports widescreen, and adjust how the single-player progresses.
Earlier this year Microsoft stated that the game would come out before E3 and they went by their word and picked May 16th to launch the game. It’s interesting how they haven’t picked it to go on Steam yet.

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