Phil Spencer Comments On Future Of Xbox First-Party, Mentioning More Acquisitions For Xbox Game Pass & Liking For Single Player Experiences

Posted on October 27, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Upon recognizing how different the Xbox Game Studios first-party network has evolved since the beginning of this console generation with the launch of the Xbox One, it leads to wonder what is to come for the firm leading forward with the new endeavors ahead for Microsoft. While the initiative did not commence until well after the halfway point of the system, Xbox Game Pass has and continues to be a strong selling point for Microsoft.

That being on its own systems as well elsewhere in the same ecosystem on PC and more recently with Android. And Microsoft looks to further its commitment to bring unique propositions for its users and even potential consumers as it proceeds onwards. In an interview with, Xbox head Phil Spencer speaks on behalf of Microsoft’s ambitions for the service.

In that, he explains Xbox Game Pass could expect more additions with potential acquisitions to be underway from Microsoft. However, he does not comment on the possible candidates to become of these purchases.

Frankly, as Game Pass continues to grow, we need to continue to feed that subscription. So, with the growth that we are seeing, I expect we will constantly be in this mode of bringing more creators into the fold.

Spencer responded with the comment due to Xbox Game Pass’ library lacking in E-Rated properties. Given the direct owner ship of Mojang Studios and Minecraft, Spencer believes there is more that can be done and Xbox Game Pass is the most efficient way of doing so. Even more, he Spencer also makes a remark on the chances of hoping for more single-player experience from Xbox Game Studios.

When referencing the demographic of Xbox Game Pass, he elaborates that it is comprised of entries that give genuine experience across different genres and formulas. He explicitly mentions the intent of the service is to bring a expansive lineup of games, not provide a service for just one game. While generally found more so in online titles, Spencer frames some hope to see more from its first-party teams.

“I want a long tail of a lot of games that people are playing, and I think the diversity of online multiplayer versus single-player, we have to support the diversity there, and that’s my goal,” Spencer adds. “ If anything I’d like to see more single-player games from our first-party, just because that over time we’ve kind of grown organically to be more multiplayer-driven as an organization.”

The Xbox lead then goes on to comment on the recent Bethesda/Zenimax acquisition to clarify what holds ahead cannot be discussed. He shares that the firm has not yet been granted ownership of the firm until it is established in 2021. But even then, he does not view the transaction as being the owner of the studios to map ahead for the line of teams, but instead calls it more of a “partnership”.

While Spencer cannot legally speak on behalf of the acquisition, he has previously discussed the rebound from the $7.5 billion purchase. He tells that Microsoft can “recoup” from the acquiring without needing to release new titles from Bethesda on competing platforms. But for now, all games are said to be based on a “case-by-case basis”. You can read the full report by heading here.

What stemmed from the interview has you most intrigued for Microsoft’s future for first-party titles?


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