Phil Spencer Pokes At Potentially Releasing xCloud-enabled Streaming Sticks For Television

Posted on October 23, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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It has been well over a month since the first official release of Microsoft’s xCloud and more details continue to emerge on potential opportunities that the firm is ambitious to integrate for the cloud-streaming platform. While mobile devices are the base selling point for xCloud since its inception close to a year now, Microsoft has been ambitious to break that threshold for more products as well.

Just this month, Xbox division lead Phil Spencer when speaking during an on-hands interview with other employees at Microsoft he disclosed that xCloud is planning to migrate over to PC as well. Spencer shares the endeavor to tap into PC with xCloud is a “great opportunity” to further the Xbox ecosystem for all players.

Now in a new report from Stratechery, Spencer in an interview elaborates on bringing xCloud to television. During the discussion, the Xbox head discloses the initiative would be executed through implementing streaming sticks for xCloud.

I think you’re going to see lower priced hardware as part of our ecosystem when you think about streaming sticks and other things that somebody might want to just go plug into their TV and go play via xCloud. You could imagine us even having something that we just included in the Game Pass subscription that gave you an ability to stream xCloud games to your television and buying the controller.

This certainly would not be Microsoft’s first approach to enable xCloud onto television. For those who might recall from this past June, Samsung unveiled its same-named Samsung Access subscription which featured a selection of applications including Xbox Game Pass. The service would be unique to users of current line television models the firm shared.

Even more, Spencer also teases the possibility of incorporating a Xbox Game Pass Platinum tiered subscription. The basis of the service model would ensure possession of new console hardware as it rolls out. While there is Xbox All Access already, users that pay for the subscription would be prioritized ahead of other consumers outside of the payment ring.

Talking about xCloud on other peripherals, one user managed to properly run the cloud service on his Samsung refrigerator. He showcased gameplay of both Doom Eternal and Gears 5 which is something many did not anticipate to ever come to fruition of the service. You can read the full report by heading here.

Would you consider purchasing a xCloud streaming stick?

xCloud is currently available for Android devices.

Source: Stratechery

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