Phil Spencer Says The Number Of Platform Exclusives Are To Shrink In The Next Decade

Posted on February 15, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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One of the most confusing things to come out of the video game industry is Microsoft’s new pursuit for multiplatform releases. As many have already heard, reports & rumors are saying select titles are coming to PlayStation & Nintendo. And, Microsoft did address this during its Thursday podcast this week. In that, Phil Spencer revealed four titles are on the way as part of the new initiative. 

Additionally, Spencer did disclose that the list ends there. While it is open to more games potentially in the future, it’s only the four games and not all of the Xbox exclusive lineup. Spencer does go on to add that both Starfield and the 2024-bound release Indiana Jones and the Great Circle are still Xbox exclusives despite claims online.

And on this talk about unique releases, Spencer does give his opinion on the topic. While a major component for selling consoles, he does elaborate that this practice could be on the way out – or at least minimized – within the coming decade. You can watch the segment of the video below:

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“I do have a fundamental belief that over the next five or ten years, exclusive games – games that are exclusive to one piece of hardware – are going to be a smaller and smaller part of the game industry,” Spencer weighs in on the topic. “And that’s not some great insight cause if you look at the last ten years and what the biggest games are today it’s a natural place. Whether it’s one console and PC; multiple consoles; mobile, console, and PC; you see big games land on multiple platforms and we want to be a great platform for creators to realize that great potential.”

Similarly, this is a mind set also shared by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Previously, he elaborated that he wishes the industry to do away with the practice altogether. However, Spencer’s belief is backed by the results of the industry rather than preference. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you think is the right approach for console exclusive releases?

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