Phil Spencer Says There No Other Plans For Multiplatform Releases Outside Of The Four Determined Titles Underway

Posted on February 15, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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A conversation that continues to grow is: what games are coming to competing platforms? Well, reports did tell that Hi-Fi Rush & Sea of Thieves are likely to be part of this new business model for Microsoft. In total, four games are planned for this initiative as per Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer during the special edition podcast on Thursday.

Amid the height of the rumors, it was also tossed around that the list is to also include the likes of 2023’s Starfield and the upcoming, highly-anticipated Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. However, in the middle of the discussion, Spencer did address that both games are to remain exclusive to Xbox. But, that does leave some room for players to understand if more is coming.

Well in that same podcast, Spencer went on to confirm that there are no other intended titles to come to PlayStation nor Nintendo beyond the undisclosed batch of games already decided. You can watch the segment of the podcast in the video below:

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“So, four games, no promise beyond that. So if you’re on those other platforms and see those four games coming, please do take it as some signal that everything’s coming – it’s not. And we’re gonna learn.” Spencer did elaborate that this plan for the four predetermined titles are for an effort for the Xbox brand to extend to other users to hook players interest into Xbox down the line.

Additionally, Microsoft also addresses its first major plans for Xbox Game Pass as per Activision Blizzard King. During the podcast, Xbox president Sarah Bond announces that Diablo IV is the first title from the acquisition to be coming to the subscription on March 28th. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised by Spencer’s comment on the plans for Xbox titles outside of its platform?

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