Phil Spencer Says Xbox Cloud Gaming Growth In The ‘Double-Digits’, Now Accounts For 10% Of Overall Hours Played On Platform

Posted on February 22, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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For Xbox, platform growth is the forefront concern for Microsoft. Going beyond console is at the foundation of Xbox Game Pass with PC as well as cloud also a main focus for the overall ecosystem. Despite this drive, the Xbox firm does affirm its users that Xbox Cloud Gaming will not overshadow the console audience. Since then, we’ve seen great growth with the platform as xCloud has faced 1800 percent user activity in fall 2022 then.

What’s more, Microsoft is illustrating how much it’s doubling-down in the endeavor. One legal document revealed that the firm favored its resources to cloud gaming over the launch of the latest Xbox Series hardware. Additionally, Phil Spencer also remarked on the emphasis for Xbox Cloud Gaming. Telling that the initiative is a requirement for the overall success for Xbox moving forward.

When speaking to Game File recently, Phil Spencer elaborated on the potency of Xbox Cloud Gaming and its continued surge in user activity. He sheds on the new growth for cloud streaming entering the ‘double-digits’ for Xbox game played. “There was a time when we weren’t deploying more [server] blades because we had more supply than we did demand for the server racks that we had in place. That’s clearly not true today.”

Via a post on X, interviewer Stephen Totilo went further to elaborate that the total percentage of interactivity accounts for roughly 10 percent of all hours played on Xbox now. “Any conversation we have on cloud is very time-dependent because it’s growing so fast,” Spencer adds. Furthermore, he pressed that plenty of the growth is seen “in markets that are never going to be console markets.”

And 2024 is looking to be another important year for Xbox Cloud Gaming. In a new development online, it is suspected your personal purchase library is to be supported for cloud streaming later this year. The update comes from an encounter when Spencer says as much. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Game File

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