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Phil Spencer shares a look at Phantom Dust remaster

Posted on March 31, 2017 by Philip

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We’ve heard many rumblings over the past few months regarding Microsoft’s upcoming Phantom Dust remaster.  While we still have no real idea of when the game will release, we now have a clue as to the visuals for this 1080p remaster to the 2004 game.  Xbox head Phil Spencer, known among Xbox gamers and Twitter users alike for his online conversations with fans, shared a screenshot of the game he was playing today.  Care to guess what it was?

Xbox fans that have played the original Phantom Dust will recognize the screenshot as the Visions HQ location of the game.  The screenshot shows the visuals of the remastered game, and, courtesy of Dualshockers, we’ll include an image of the same area from the original.
Phantom Dust Original
Like we mentioned, we don’t know when the game will launch, but we expect Phil Spencer to continue sharing details until we hear the official word.  If we come across more of these sharing moments, we’ll keep you updated.  Until then, stay tuned to Rectify Gaming.
Via: Dualshockers

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