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Phil Spencer Shares Continued Growth Developing For Xbox In Asian Markets

Posted on October 3, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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After this past Tokyo Game Show, more on Microsoft’s continued drive to bring a better placement for itself in Japan has been illustrated for those that follow the Xbox firm. One of the biggest steps it is taking is with Sega as more of its new releases come to Xbox Game Pass later this year and into 2024. Even more is the confirmation on new Xbox Series console wraps coming to Japan sometime in 2023 as well, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed.

Additionally, Microsoft is eager to work on more projects that come out of Japan. Already, we saw this with the immense response of Hi-Fi Rush at the start of 2023 and the same energy carried through to Tokyo Game Show. In an interview, Spencer explained more AAA projects are planned to hit Xbox in the near future. So far, it is already confirmed Kojima Productions is working on a new Xbox Cloud Gaming project as of last year.

As for the overall response for Microsoft’s ambition to bring more users to Xbox in eastern territories, he reveals that the overall growth in the market has grew immensely. You can watch the segment of the livestream in the video below:

[Timestamp 3:58]

“We’ve expanded PC Game Pass to 46 markets globally, and over the past three years the number of PC Game Pass members in Asia has quadrupled. And PC Game Pass has allowed creators to bring amazing new experiences to these players. We’ve also seen strong momentum from PC gaming here in Japan. The Japanese PC gaming market has doubled in size over the last three years, so we understand the importance of making content that will appeal to Japanese PC players.

“For example, since the release of our Japan World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, nearly 15 million flights have been flown out of the Japanese airports in the game.” Elsewhere in a separate Xbox Wire interview, corporate vice president Sarah Bond also elaborates on the pursuit to establish long-standing roots in Japan via Xbox Game Pass and content coming from developers in that nation.

“Relationships in all businesses, especially in gaming – which is a creative art form – are very important. My team and I, in addition to Phil [Spencer]’s team, have invested a lot of time in building a relationship with creators here in Japan and across Asia. Game Pass enables creators to reach players who may otherwise have not known about the game, or been able to afford to buy every single game out there.

“To reiterate, the relationships we build are very important, but just as important is investing to make sure our partners have an opportunity to grow their franchises, to reach new players, and to extend their engagement in their games, all the while providing a choice in how to play. This is very important and core to what I and my team invest our time in.”

What is your impression so far of Microsoft’s drive to bring Xbox to the forefront in Japan?

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