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Pikmin 1 & Pikmin 2 Receives Surprise Launch On Nintendo Switch Today

Posted on June 21, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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While Nintendo continues to roll out household juggernauts like The Legend of Zelda most recently, other beloved properties are still developing. Already, fans received Pikmin Bloom as part of a collaborative project with Niantic (Pokémon Go) for mobile. But the next entry is on the way.

Previously, Nintendo & Shigeru Miyamoto announced Pikmin 4 is in development. Originally, the game only received a 2023 release window. It was not until much later in a separate presentation this past February that the Japanese firm revealed that Pikmin 4 will officially launch later this July for Nintendo Switch.

And now one month ahead of the game’s release, players can properly return to the first two games via Nintendo Switch starting today. At the Nintendo Direct, it was revealed both Pikmin 1 & Pikmin 2 will be available on the Nintendo eShop. You can watch the segment of the showcase in the video below:

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“Reintroduce yourself to the plantlike Pikmin and strategic gameplay that this charming series is rooted in. From finding a way home to collecting treasure, Olimar (plus Louie in the Pikmin 2 game) must partner with a parade of Pikmin to survive the harshest of conditions. Both games support optional motion controls for more options when guiding your floral friends,” the description from the Nintendo eShop reads.

“Meet Captain Olimar and a capable cast of red, blue, and yellow Pikmin on a dire mission across a larger-than-life planet. Olimar must guide his loveably-leafy companions through obstacles, in battle, and when collecting his missing ship parts. Your oxygen will only last 30 days, but the Pikmin provide a glimmer of hope that you may make it home.

“Swap between Olimar and Louie to divide and conquer in Pikmin 2. Tasked with helping pay off their employer’s debt, the pint-sized pair teams up with Pikmin (including purple and white Pikmin) to collect treasure on…you guessed it…a strange planet. Time ticks away on the surface, but cave systems let you take your time to let your strategy blossom.”

Which Pikmin game has you most excited to see on Nintendo Switch?

Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2 are both available now for Nintendo Switch.

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