PlatinumGames Tells That Astral Chain Is Now An Official Nintendo IP

Posted on January 30, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For the followers that keep their ears to the ground in regards to PlatinumGames announcements, Bayonetta 3 is the largest concern. While the Japanese developer did issue that development is still to the team’s liking as of this past December, many fans still hunger more involved details or even a trailer to showcase what exactly the game will look like to represent the full release when that eventually arrives.

But while the Umbra Witch is on hiatus for now, PlatinumGames is most certainly working on a separate Nintendo exclusive series: Astral Chain. Game director Takahisa Taura when speaking with Ryukotuya2089 previously issued that sales for the title exceeded expectations for Nintendo – suggesting a sequel is in order for the series.

Even more, the actual brand is still not considered a genuine Nintendo property in reality. Although unique to Nintendo Switch, it is not officially an exclusive IP. However, when speaking with Video Game Chronicles, PlatinumGames Co-Founder Atsushi Inaba in response to the change of copyright for Astral Chain is “as it looks,” implying the game is now properly a Nintendo series.

Inaba continues by including that “it’s as it is written on the website: Astral Chain is their IP and as such there are limitations on how much we feel we should talk about.” Video Game Chronicles went further to question Inaba’s comment, and was issued by a PlatinumGames spokesperson who told Inaba is “not in a position to answer this question.”

In the past, Astral Chain was remarked to becoming a trilogy as per director Taura. Speaking with IGN, he disclosed that post-launch downloadable content would not manifest as plans to move ahead for a three-game operation was the plan all along. “This is different for the game’s story. We make the game a trilogy and this is the first part of that trilogy.”

Additionally, PlatinumGames did show eagerness to port Astral Chain to other platforms at one point. With Nintendo at the helm of the direction for the series, the team could not definitively say where the game will head later down the line. Now, we fully know Nintendo’s intentions for Astral Chain. You can read the initial report by heading here.

Are you surprised Astral Chain is an official Nintendo IP?

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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