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PlayStation 4 has shipped 100 million units according to Sony

The current generation started in 2013 with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It was clear right from the start that Sony had the upper hand on Microsoft when it came to showing off each of the consoles features. The main feature that stood out was the the PS4 was $100 cheaper than the Xbox One and now it has been announced that the PlayStation 4 has hit 100 million units sold. \

The PlayStation 4 hits the 100 million mark faster than the Wii and PS2 according to Daniel Ahmad via Twitter. The Nintendo Switch has also hit 36.87 million which is tracking inline with Sony’s latest console.

Sony still has more than a fully year to full market the PlayStation 4 because it is projected that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet will be launching Holiday 2020 and you figure that would be around November again as usual. It’s quite possible for Sony to hit bigger numbers before the next generation. The PS5 is to feature 8K graphics, 3D audio, SSD storage, and backwards compatibility with current PS4 titles.

You can check out Sony’s latest earnings here.


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