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PlayStation 4 Helmed Best Selling Console Of The Decade, Nintendo Switch Capitalizes For 2019

It is for certain that Sony has completely dominated the console market this current generation since the debut of the PlayStation 4 back in holiday 2013. It was earlier this month in conjunction with the debut for the PlayStation 5 logo reveal that Sony disclosed the current PlayStation has surpassed 106 million units sold atop of 39 million active PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Now reflecting on the entirety of this past decade for the 2010s, Sony is contested to still over exceed this segment of the new millennium as PlayStation 4 is ranked to be the most selling console. Although this applies to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 of last generation hardware as well, Sony’s current iteration of video game consoles still outperforms the prior models.

While competition stands between Sony, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Nintendo’s Wii U which initially debuted this generation, PlayStation 4 also manages to helm the most sold video game accessory for the decade. The respected Dualshock 4 is listed to outsell any other related product for the 2010s, the standard wireless black gamepad specifically.

But it is Nintendo who looks to be showing impressive progress in the next generation already as the self-titled Switch console hybrid is placed as the best selling console of 2019. The same for video game accessories for 2019 is also given to Nintendo as the Switch Pro Controller is ranked the highest-selling product for this past year.

With the launch of the upcoming Xbox and PlayStation 5 settled for this coming holiday later in 2020, Nintendo Switch already shows to have a well-developed head start before Microsoft and Sony. The latest console from Nintendo was reported to have outsold the lifetime sold units of the Xbox One at the start of December last year, roughly 46 million. Accounting for the past holiday season for 2019, that number could be rubbing close to 50 million units sold now.

Which console have you made your primary unit to play video games this past decade?

Source: NPD Games

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