PlayStation 5 Lifetimes Sales Now Enter 32 Million Units

Posted on February 2, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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hardware has been the pinnacle for most of this console generation since late 2020. Thanks to the hit on the market to produce these systems in a timely manner to meet the demand has left Sony and even Microsoft in a slump to show its potential when comparing to prior releases. But as of its last financial quarter, it was recorded at 25 million sales.

Not to mention more accessories release on behalf of the new system as well. In January, the DualSense Edge enhanced controller hit store shelves. Then in February later on, the PlayStation VR 2 is scheduled to arrive to retailers as well. Despite recent reports made on the second peripheral on the way, Sony confirmed production has not been limited for the coming release.

In a new financial statement from corporate Sony this week, it is now revealed that the PlayStation 5 has sold ahead of 30 million systems. In the past three months ending on December 31st, 2022 the PlayStation 5 sold roughly 7.1 million consoles. In comparison to the same time in the last fiscal year, sales are up roughly 3.1 million units. 

Tallying total sales recorded currently rests the PlayStation 5 at 32.1 million in sales. When eyeing over at total system sales for lifetime projections over on VGChartz, the PlayStation 5 has another feat on the way. Currently, the system sits roughly .83 million behind the Nintendo 64 which rests at 32.93 million.

Looking ahead for PlayStation 5, new reports suggest that the current model with built-in disc drive is to be scrapped altogether. A revamp for the system is said to be on the way with the option to purchase a USB-C disc drive separately. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you shocked by the latest numbers gathered for PlayStation 5?

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