PlayStation 5 Now At 54.8 Million Sold Despite Being Lower On Sale Projections & PlayStation Plus Decline

Posted on February 14, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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At this rate, it is no question which platform is leading the market – Nintendo Switch at 139 million units. But in the battle more people are eager to take to the streets about, its PlayStation 5. In one report as of December 2023, the overall sales for 9th generation Xbox & PlayStation has PlayStation 5 leading Xbox Series X|S roughly 3:1 it appears.

From one report in December, it was indicated that PlayStation 5 officially exceeded 50 million units. And before that with 46.6 million as of November 2023. Holiday 2023 securing roughly four million units for PlayStation 5. This comes as a surprise with PlayStation 5 sales still standing in the shadow of the previous PlayStation 4.

As of the newest financial report from Sony, PlayStation 5 now is just short of 55 million units – recorded at 54.8 million consoles in total. The document shares that sales do overcome prior fiscal year metrics by 1.1 million more sold. However, according to another document, it shares that sales despite 8.2 million the in past quarter is short of expectations for Sony.

PS5 hardware unit sales in the quarter were 8.2 million units, which fell short of the target to hit our annual shipment target of 25 million units, but was a record high number of quarterly unit sales for PS5, and PS5 cumulative sales have exceeded 50 million units. […] Based on the results for this quarter, PS5 unit sales for this fiscal year are expected to be around 21 million units.

Hiroki Totoki, Sony Group President, Chief Financial Officer

Additionally, lifetime platform users are also at a record high. In that, the overall users on PlayStation platforms are now at 123 million – 11 million more than the 112 million from the prior fiscal year. Again, this also coincides with a decline in PlayStation Plus users which is addressed alongside growing revenue for subscriptions.

“Regarding network services, despite the impact of a slight year-on year decrease in the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers, revenue increased 11% year-on-year, mainly due to the impacts of a further shift to premium services and price revisions. […] In network services, we expect subscribers to be on par with this fiscal year or slightly less due to the impact of price revisions we implemented in this fiscal year, but we expect sales to gradually expand due to a shift to attractive premium services.”

Elsewhere in the latter document, Sony Interactive Entertainment also addresses its planned releases for this fiscal year. In that, recognized IPs from its first-party repertoire will be absent in 2024 as no planned titles are on the roadmap, it is confirmed. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you shocked by the continued pull by PlayStation?

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