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PlayStation In New FTC Document Reveals Withholding New Console Information From Activision If Acquisition Is Completed

Posted on June 22, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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One of the largest arguments currently between platform giants Xbox & PlayStation is weather the Activision Blizzard deal should be processed. In one sense, it is to better the industry as initially stated. Additionally, Microsoft has went lengths to support unionization within the conglomerate alongside 10-year arrangements to brings more titles to other platforms as well.

However, the other side of the argument is concerned that the deal will limit or even damage PlayStation if fulfilled through the legal system. In the past, PlayStation offered a list of commandments for Xbox to follow for the deal to process. In response to the concerns, the Xbox firm pressed the deal will handle IP like Call of Duty as it already is with Minecraft for more than half decade.

From new documents filed by the FTC this week, it reveals that Sony Interactive Entertainment President & CEO Jim Ryan will withhold new information on coming PlayStation hardware if the deal is processed. You can view the image below:

The deposition illustrated above comes from an interaction between Ryan and the Federal Trade Commission back in April 2023. During which Ryan elaborates that exchanging the sensitive information went on to bring improvements to PlayStation. But for Microsoft to be in possession of crucial details pertaining to Sony’s next system, the PlayStation firm would pull further engagements with the Call of Duty publisher.

Ryan goes on to share that if said information was in Microsoft’s hands would benefit its own platform rather than improve the overall game. “I believe that their own incentives – their primary incentive will, at post-acquisition, would be to optimize the overall Xbox business, not the business of Activision.”

Other developments have also surfaced from the recent FTC battle in the courts. In that, Microsoft has admitted that Xbox after more than two decades being in the industry has lost the console wars. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you believe from Ryan’s statement?

Source: Federal Trade Commission

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