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PlayStation Trophies Could Be Making Its Way To PC

Posted on October 19, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Prior to the release of the PlayStation 5, Sony Interactive Entertainment upgraded the Trophy system for avid players. Now, the feature extends the level range to 999. Even more, Trophy tracking was also shared in a separate post from PlayStation France at the time. However, it was understood that additional support would come later on.

In a previous finding, it was revealed Sony did patent a new system for Trophies to unlock for games/platforms prior to the system. This insinuated that some form of backwards compatibility would extend its reach for Trophies to unlock – something even Xbox has yet to implement for its system. And with the arrival of PlayStation Plus, select titles did feature new Trophies to unlock.

Now in a new report from TrueTrophies, it is revealed that evidence is pointing at PC trophies are in the pipeline at PlayStation. “Recently, one of TrueTrophies’ scanners — the very scanners that allow us to bring you up to date trophy lists directly from the PlayStation Network — picked up a new PS5 trophy list with an interesting additional platform listed alongside it: ‘PSPC.’”

Staff writer Lee Brady continued by explaining that TrueTrophies soon learned that the found ‘PSPC’ is a separate platform from PlayStation 5. But, it could connect to PlayStation 5 – similar to how the PlayStation Network was intertwined with PS3, PS4, and PS Vita before. This would enable players to earn Trophies on their account which would all be unified.

This acts differently to Microsoft’s approach which opens a separate list of Achievements that is for each respected platform. It is understood that this could be properly introduced within the coming months thanks to the extended support for console & PC releases growing within Sony Interactive Entertainment to pursue live-service for its ecosystem.

What do you think about unified Trophies coming to PlayStation?

Source: TrueTrophies 

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