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Evan Brando

Evan Brando is a handsome young man who is a pleasure to have in class. He likes talking with a microphone in front of him and writing short bios about himself for video game websites.In addition to podcasting and video games, he’s also a die-hard trading card game fan. You can catch him on twitter and instagram @EvanBrandoShow, hosting his other podcast “Evan and Garrett Take On The World” or on the afternoon airwaves of ROCK 100.5 in Atlanta!



Nicholas Bilz

Nick “DollaBilz” is a full time, two-time-Emmy-award-winning Senior Multimedia Producer and a hobbyist Hearthstone streamer (check him out on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer).  He’s been watching eSports since he realized people play Broodwar competitively and he’s been enamored with Hearthstone since the beta - so much so that he entered (and won!) Blizzard’s So You Think You Can Cast Contest earlier this year.



Garrett Loudin

Garrett Loudin is a professional radio boy and self-proclaimed sex symbol from Atlanta, GA. He knows he likes video games, but he’s just not sure if he’s ready to love again. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @garrettloudin. Also, his dad owns Nintendo and says they’re putting Master Chief in the next Smash Bros.


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