Pokemon Go's Legendary Mascots are Limited Time Only- Articuno Ending July 31st

Posted on July 29, 2017 by Tieranie Albright

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With the success of the new gym raid system, Niantic has finally introduced legendaries with Lugia and Articuno. But here is the catch- they are limited time only. It is unknown if Lugia is here to stay or if it is soon disappearing, but Articuno, mascot of Team Mystic, for sure will be gone on Monday July 31st. (Good thing I finally caught one today!)
Beginning the 31st you can catch the mascot for Team Valor, Moltres, until August 8th, then starting the same day until August 14th you can find Team Instinct’s mascot Zapdos. Pokémon Go’s Facebook page teases other legendary beasts such as the famous Mewtwo in a live action video. Better get out there and get your Articuno and Lugia as soon as possible, cause remember you gotta catch ’em all!

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