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Pokémon Quest Announced for Nintendo Switch and Smartphones

A new Pokémon game has been announced, but it’s not the new core-RPG Pokémon game we’ve been expecting. Pokémon Quest is the name, it’s developed by core-RPG studio Game Freak, it’s set to be released on both the Nintendo Switch and smartphones.
It features new visuals, such as “Pokécells”, which are blocky animations of familiar Pokémon.
“In PokemonQuest, you get to decide which characteristics your Pokémon will have! You can use special items called Power Stones to strengthen your team. The kind of Pokémon they become is completely up to you!

The game can be controlled entirely from touchscreen, or with regular controls and TV mode on the Switch.
The news comes direct from a press conference held by the Pokémon Company International (TPCI) in Tokyo, Japan today, where the media were promised information on “new ways of playing Pokémon”.

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