Pokémon Sword & Shield Launching Worldwide On November 15th

Posted on June 5, 2019 by Tyler Nienburg

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Today, Nintendo hosted a Pokémon Direct showcasing more of upcoming titles Sword & Shield. In the video presentation we got to see more of the game with its open world in the Galar Region with of course, new Pokémon and a new Max Raid Battle. The four new Pokémon shown were Wooloo, Dreadnaw, Corviknight, and Gossifleur.

One of the other new features shown for Sword & Shield was the Max Raid Battles where up to 4 people will co-operate to take down the Pokémon. If you had played Pokémon GO Raid Battles it’s very similar to that. You can see an example image below from today’s Nintendo Direct:

When a new Pokémon game is revealed and fans are anticipating for it, the one thing that they wait for is the Legendary Pokémon and when it came to this game it was hard to figure out what they’d actually be. In the video presentation it was revealed that Zacian & Zamazenta will be the two legendary’s. Here is what they look like:

The left being Zacian (Sword) and the right being Zamazenta (Shield).

At the end of the Direct it was announced that Pokémon Sword & Shield will be launching worldwide on November 15th for the Nintendo Switch & a new double pack featuring both games was revealed.

Next week is Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct with new announcements of games and we’ll probably see more of Animal Crossing that’s supposed to come out this year. Stay tuned for more Nintendo coverage.

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