Popular YouTube gamer's account hacked

Posted on June 25, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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UPDATE (6/25/16 8:04 PM PDT): His YouTube account is back online.
Youtube user Boogie2988 (real name: Steven Williams) has his account hacked, which included access to his phone number among other things.
Boogie2988 is a very popular YouTube personality in the gaming community (especially with his hilarious foul-mouthed alter-ego, Francis) , such that he was featured in VidCon this past week, a convention for popular content creators. He doesn’t just talk about gaming, but he also talks about bullying and weight loss, and tries to keep everything positive. All that makes him one of the most beloved personalities in the industry.
Here is his statement from Reddit:

Hey guys. Boogie here.
Looks like we got hacked again. Someone manage to steal my phone number and used it to gain access to everything.
We are working now to get everything back up and running.
Channel should be back in a few days.
Until you see a video from me explaining we got everything back please don’t trust any links or anything I post anywhere on any social media including here!
Love you guys! We are going to go enjoy the rest of vidcon!

Boogie 2988 isn’t the only personality to have his web account hacked, and certainly won’t be the last. If you suspect that you are hacked, contact the web administrators of their respective web sites, and make sure you have your work backed up.

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