Port For The Wonderful 101 Goes Into Question Following Studio’s Kickstarter Being Discovered

Posted on February 2, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Yesterday, Japanese developer PlatinumGames posted an image of studio Director Hideki Kamiya with the implication that skyrocketed excitement for something regarding The Wonderful 101 to be revealed in the coming future. Although we don’t have any confirmation still, there is more speculation that seems newsworthy to discuss in the meantime.

Earlier today, it was discovered that the development team have created a Kickstarter: as of now, there are no proposed projects on the account. However, following the finding of the team’s profile, word broke out that the reasoning for the company to create a Kickstarter is for funding towards a port for the 2013 title. As the game is only exclusive to the Wii U, players who are interested have no other way to play aside from the hope of the game being made for newer hardware.

In the midst of the noise surrounding the report, insider Liam Robertson on Twitter shared that the claim of a port for the title is in fact legitimate. Even more, he clarifies that the team intends to create respected versions of the port for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Taking the word from Robertson is confident enough for fans to be reassured that the PlatinumGames wants to make the port for The Wonderful 101. But to further validate the claim from Roberson, notable leaker @New_WabiSabi on Twitter also confirmed the rumor to be true as well. “For those who are seeing Liam Robertson, etc saying W101 is coming to Switch, Ps4, and maybe other platforms I’m not quite sure of, that’s exactly correct.”

The only question left unanswered is – why does PlatinumGames need funding for this port of their previous release? The developer earlier this month disclosed to be taking investments from Tencent Holdings which essentially gives the team the opportunity to self-publish, so why a Kickstarter? Some speculate is that due to the poor sales of the game originally on the Wii U dictated for the cash flow from the partnership to be exempt from the upcoming project. Which also suggests that other publishers are not interested in funding the project as well.

Gladly, with this discussion seemingly being confirmed now as the port has yet to be developed, it does clarify other suspicions ignited yesterday. Rectify Gaming reported that the port could possibly be one of the two Wii U titles being rereleased on Nintendo Switch, however, this new discovery debunks that speculation as the project has yet to initiate active development.

Would you help fund the port for The Wonderful 101?

The Wonderful 101 is currently available for Wii U.

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