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Possible Resurrection For Mario & Luigi Series Following Recent Trademark In Argentina

It was reported back in October that AlphaDream, the studio behind the nostalgic line of Mario & Luigi titles would be filing for bankruptcy. The decision was urged by the lacking performance in software sales for the team’s Nintendo 3DS release of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey which arrived back in January 2019. Unfortunate as it may be to discover the direction the studio faced, there was potential hope for the series in the near future.

In result from the news breaking this past fall, industry insider Liam Robertson did disclose that there is one project that still has yet to release: Robertson tells of AlphaDream’s involvement with the unnamed game to be out of public eye at the time, but would be revealed sometime later.

Unsure exactly if that would be yet another Mario & Luigi title precisely, there was still one more stretch that the studio could reach before ultimately closing doors. Regardless, there is a new seem of news that emerged this week that references to the series that AlphaDream developed according to LetsGoDigital. It was reported on January 9th that a new trademark surfaced for the titular series in Argentina which Nintendo is responsible for filing.

You can view the full document provided below:

Credit: LetsGoDigital

“Nintendo Mario & Luigi trademark description: Computer game cartridges; game memory cards; computer game software; video game memory cards; interactive entertainment software to play video games; covers for mobile phones.”

The description sited from the application for this unannounced title suggests that the game would be developed for the mobile platform, but LetsGoDigital does discuss that possibility of a Nintendo Switch version to also be in the picture as well for the game. However, it is difficult from the source material to identify if this will be a truly new installment or simply just a reworked version of an older game.

There is the chance that Nintendo could easily be placing a trademark just to keep a close grip on the rights for the intellectual property since there is no current plans in active development that we know about since AlphaDream’s filing for bankruptcy. That and it is yet to be disclosed which studio Nintendo would decide to inherit the responsibility to work on this unnamed project either.

What are your thoughts on this enigmatic Mario & Luigi game?

Source: Nintendo Life

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