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Possible white PlayStation 4 Slim leaked

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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Some interesting PlayStation 4 rumors are going around and it could be something Sony has planned for the future in 2017. We have caught 2 people talk about a white PS4 Slim on twitter but then deleted their tweets, while one of them was Zhuge that tweeted about it he still was not sure if it were real or not. We snagged one picture that you see above which was a reply to one of his tweets.
We are not 100% sure where they got this picture from, but it sure seems real and not a fake. Insiders are skeptical about this and we have yet to hear anything from Sony or other websites at this moment.
It would make sense for Sony to make a different colored console as every company does like Microsoft with the Xbox One S they have a great variety of consoles to choose from now and Sony may want to do the same.
Stay tuned for updates about this.

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