Predator: Hunting Grounds Arrives To Steam Today With Cross-Play Support Between All Platforms

Posted on April 29, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Although the licensed title launched and shortly went under the radar since, Predator: Hunting Grounds is still an active release from developer Illfonic. Now more than a year old, the game has welcomed several additions which resolved stacking complaints alongside new content to keep the experience fresh.

Most noted, however, is the promised DLC which planned to add Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character from the titular 1987 film, Dutch. But, the largest demand for the game still remains to be a Steam version for the game. Although a unique release for PlayStation, Epic Game Store also held exclusivity rights to the game as well.

Coming from a new PlayStation Blog post on Thursday, Predator: Hunting Grounds launches today on Steam. Excitingly, the new version also welcomes the latest scheduled update that incorporates cross-play between all supported systems.

We are on Steam! You can purchase Predator: Hunting Grounds on Steam today. To get all Steam players caught up, we will be offering a DLC Predator Package – all four Predator DLC skins and abilities: Viking, Samurai, Valkyrie, and City Hunter; plus early access* to three additional masks and six war paints.

Lastly, good news, Steam players do not fret; our game is crossplay friendly and allows for crossplay invites. One thing to note, all progress in-game is stored on a per-platform basis and is non-transferable.

Charles Brungardt, Illfonic CEO

But, Illfonic does clarify that cross-progression is off the table. Although the game lobbies can be bridged to enjoy coexisting as one, any progress or items are not to carry over. Predator: Hunting Grounds also welcomes a new map, Airstrip. And, of course, new in-game items were also welcomed in the new update as well. You can visit the Steam page for Predator: Hunting Grounds by heading here.

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Predator: Hunting Grounds is out now for PlayStation 4 and PC; playable via backwards compatibility for PlayStation 5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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