Predator: Hunting Grounds comes to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 in late 2024

Posted on March 29, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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Predator: Hunting Grounds is coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 after being on PlayStation 4 and PC v is Steam and Epic for the last three years.

IllFonic announced there will be new content coming to Predator: Hunting Grounds in 2024 and 2025. In April there will be Patch 2.49 that will come to the PS4 and PC versions of the game. This patch will focus on player movement, Fireteam weapon rework and balance, Predator weapon balance, and UX/playability improvements.

“This game has a strong, enthusiastic player base and a vocal community that wants to see the game updated and supported,” remarked Charles Brungardt, CEO of IllFonic. “Now that IllFonic is publishing games, we knew we had to get Predator: Hunting Grounds back. We knew we needed to get back to the Chopper!”

In late 2024 we can expect to see Predator: Hunting Grounds come to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The release is focused on next-gen running on Unreal 4.27, Vivox, and Wwise, with a Standard Edition and a Digital Deluxe Edition offered. Spring 2025 will also bring a new content update, but details were not given yet.

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