Preservation Group Leaks Playable Build Of Rare’s Long Cancelled Dinosaur Planet

Posted on February 22, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In the past, many fans find themselves playing builds for unreleased titles are of games that have yet to hit store shelves. In the past, a small fraction of Stadia owners found themselves with a demo for then-titled Gods & Monsters. Before the official naming for Fenyx: Immortals Rising, a brief demo for the game appeared online until Ubisoft and/or Google stepped into remove the listing and closing port of entry to the demo.

Another instance would be for Dead Island 2. Despite the game’s notoriety in remaining in development hell, Deep Silver continues reassuring fans the title is underway. In the midst of waiting, users uncovered a five year-old demo for the game when initially being developed by Yager Development. The build being mentioned is presumed to be one of the last pieces of visual evidence for Dead Island 2.

Now in a new string of tweets from Nintendo preservation group Forest Of Illusion, the band of users recently released a working build of a never released Rare IP, Dinosaur Planet. Gathered from additional information relayed from Video Game Chronicles, there is a lot more history to the project that never came to be.

In that, Dinosaur Planet would push the precedent for file size on its intended Nintendo 64 platform by requiring a 512MB cartridge. Originally announced in 1999, the game was later told to be moved to production for the GameCube by Nintendo after prolonged development. Even more, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto who witnessed footage of the game suggested the project to be reworked into incorporating Star Fox’s Fox McCloud.

The discussion took place before the game’s production transitioned its focus to the GameCube version. Gathered from the collected images of the build available, the original protagonist Sabre is removed in favor for Fox McCloud instead. With the extra time required for readjusting to Miyamoto’s request, Nintendo was reported unhappy with the progress on restructuring many of the game’s foundation.

Although Rare has never proceeded with Dinosaur Planet in the past two decades now, the Xbox Game Studios team is currently busy with a new IP entirely, Everwild. With little information spared on the coming project, the game is said to be an emphasized release for both Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S. You can read the announcement report by heading here.

Would you play Dinosaur Planet if it arrived to the Nintendo 64?

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