Preview: Moving Out 2 looks to be a fantastic sequel

Posted on July 18, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Team17 invited us to check out some of their upcoming games planned to release in 2023. One of the games we got our hands on was Moving Out 2 from SMG Studio. This is the sequel to the 2020 award-winning couch-moving, couch co-op game and it’s even better.

During our playthrough we were able to play four different type of modes to see what variety the game provides. It had the basic moving out furniture and loading the truck with all required items, but there were some eye catching mini-games to play.

In Moving Out 2 there are other mini-games that aren’t just about moving furniture. One of my favorites was where you had to move animals into their correct pen at a farm. This one required great team work and clearly wasn’t a one man job where someone had to open a gate while you move a cow into its area. There was a mode where you had to throw objects into a basketball hoop which I thought gives a nice separation between the games main objective.

Gameplay in Moving Out 2 felt smooth and the controls are fairly simple to get used to on an Xbox controller. The art style for this game doesn’t get enough credit as well, everything pops out including the characters. I should also mention the playthrough I had was about 25 minutes long.

Moving Out 2 features many characters to choose from. You have an ice cream cone, toaster, or what I used which looked like cotton candy, but from what I was told it was a cloud character. From the Alpha build we had the chance of playing, the character selection screen had a lot of choices. You have to unlock characters from either doing the main story or completing challenges, we weren’t told exactly what you have to do.

With this game being up to four player online co-op it’s important to have diversity in the look of your character. Another question I asked was how long will the story take to complete when it comes out. The answer I received was around that 8-10 hours mark, but don’t quote me on that just yet.

The Moving Out franchise is what I like to call a cousin to the Overcooked franchise where communication is key with your partners, but is more enjoyable. Moving Out 2 will be coming to Xbox Series XlS, PlayStation 5, Steam and Nintendo Switch on August 15, 2023.

We will be back with our full review.

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