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Posted on March 22, 2024 by Tyler Nienburg

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PAX East 2024 has arrived and so have a variety of indie developers from around the world including Martynas Cibulis, the creators of Ready, Steady, Ship! This game is a couch co-op experience with the goal of assembling the most efficient conveyor belts to keep packages flowing.

Ready, Steady, Ship takes place in a factory where it’s your job to keep the line moving at all costs. When hopping on this game for the first time it immediately reminded me of popular co-op games published by Team17, Moving Out 2 and Overcooked 2. Ready, Steady, Ship compares to the Moving Out series, but it’s different as you are gathering packages onto a conveyor belt and theoretically it would be on the way for delivery.

ready steady ship impressions

The game starts you off on a basic level giving you a nice feel of it as expected, but one of my main issues from my short experience playing the game was when you get onto Level 2 you are already introduced to more complicated stages for example you get to use a Forklift to grab pallets and a crane to pick up boxes on top of picking up regular boxes to deliver.

There’s also a nice variety of characters to choose from and what they are remains to be seen as the demo we played on did not reveal the others.

Ready, Steady, Ship! has the framework to be a fun co-op game that can bring the house together but there are definitely some improvements to be made so players can be better engaged.

You can wishlist Read, Steady, Ship on Steam now and it will be releasing Q2 2024.

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