Prey VR Listing Surfaces On English Retailer, Suggested To Be Different To Typhon Hunter Experience

Posted on June 2, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Developer Arkane Studios with the release of the 2017 reboot for the Aspyr-developed title, the game brought the influential experience to a new level with a complete reimagining of the core game with a more in-depth story and better intuitive combat system for players to utilize against enemies. But while the title did shine bright ahead of release, there are still plenty of players that have yet to really indulge in the game.

But despite lesser players tackling on the experience in Talon I, Prey did receive enough attention to initiate a DLC add-on for the game, Mooncrash. Atop of the new content that released for Prey, Bethesda during the initial E3 reveal shared a new online game mode where players could battle against user-controlled typhon dubbed ‘Typhon hunter’. The feature also made its debut for the game to VR as well later on.

Now it looks that Prey is due to resurface with a new peripheral in mind. In particular, it is virtual Reality. According to English retailer Shopto, Prey VR has been discovered on the website. The listing was removed shortly after discovering, but has been preserved thanks to @Nibellion on Twitter.

While it is very abrupt for Prey to be returning with a VR version nonetheless, it surely is welcomed seeing the substantial growth of the platform in the past few years. According to users who have glazed over the listing, it is suspected that this new experience might be the full on game with VR support rather than a separated experience.

Bethesda has previously shipped a bulk of virtual reality titles a few years back with Fallout 4, Doom VFR, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to be receiving their own respected versions. Later on, Bethesda also released Wolfenstein Cyberpilot which also sampled the VR peripheral for the MachineGames’ Nazi-slaughtering series.

In recent Arkane news, the team’s co-founder Dinga Bakaba told IGN Middle East that the studio has completed the story arc for the mainline Dishonored series. This goes against the previous statement made by Arkane Studio’s Ricardo Bare who told the game to “resting” for the time being. You can read the full report by heading here.

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