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Prime Gaming decides not to renew its contract with Riot Games for in-game loot.

Posted on December 15, 2023 by fncwill

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In an unexpected development, Prime Gaming has declared its decision not to extend its partnership with Riot Games, resulting in the conclusion of in-game loot drops for popular titles. The announcement, , was met with disappointment from players who have cherished the perks of Prime Gaming loot in their favorite Riot Games titles. The termination of this collaboration raises queries about the future of in-game promotions and player benefits.

Addressing the community, Prime Gaming expressed empathy for the letdown this decision might bring. “We know this is disappointing, and wanted to let you know as soon as we could,” read the statement, emphasizing the commitment to transparency and proactive communication with players.

Players are assured that they can continue claiming drops for the next few months until the contract’s conclusion in March 2024. Furthermore, any Prime Gaming content unlocked prior to this date will remain accessible in players’ accounts, serving as a lasting memento of the concluded partnership.

Riot Games has responded to the termination with an official statement posted on X (Formerly Twitter):

While specific details regarding the reasons for the decision were not disclosed, it is evident that both Prime Gaming and Riot Games are set to pursue independent paths in the gaming industry. Fans are left speculating about potential impacts on future collaborations between Prime Gaming and other gaming studios.

Riot senior vice president and VALORANT lead Anna Donlon weighed in on the announcement on X (Formerly Twitter), saying the team “will continue to find different opportunities to reward you for all the ways you play and engage.” :

As players eagerly await further details from Riot Games, they are encouraged to make the most of the remaining opportunities to claim exclusive content and gear before the conclusion of Prime Gaming’s in-game loot drops in March 2024. The end of this partnership marks a significant shift in the gaming landscape, leaving players and industry observers curious about the future of in-game promotions and partnerships within the gaming community.



What Happens to My Riot Games Prime Gaming Loot?

Any loot you’ve acquired through Prime Gaming in any Riot Games title won’t go anywhere. Anything successfully claimed and granted to your account will remain there even after the partnership ends in March 2024. In fact, any Prime Gaming specific loot will probably become more of a collector’s item moving forward.

Will There be Riot Games Prime Gaming Loot in March 2024?

Based on the League of Legends landing page on Prime Gaming, it seems the last capsule will be released in February. The December capsule was released today, Dec. 14, and the next two capsules are slated for January and Februray. There might be other specific Riot Games loot that drops for Valorant or Teamfight Tactics, but as far as capsules go there won’t be an extra one in March.

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