Progress For RGG Studio’s Judgment Series To Reportedly Halt Due To PC Version Not Being Preferable For Sega’s Talent Agency

Posted on July 14, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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At least understanding the path that developer Ryu Ga Gotoku is pursuing with its Yakuza series, the firm pressed that it will continue to experiment with the RPG elements that fans were introduced to with Yakuza: Like A Dragon. So when the developer began to hint at teases for a new Judgment title, fans worried as to what will become of the already beloved spin-off of the connected series.

Upon officially unveiling Lost Judgment, RGG Studio appeared to keep the roots of the traditional third-person brawler combat that many enjoyed with previously-released games. But, in a new statement did the Japanese studio clarify its ambitions. With that, Judgment will now be the designated action series while Yakuza continues to embrace its new RPG identity.

However, Judgment could be ending as we know it already. In that, Reddit poster u/hzy980512 shared a piece from Nikkan Taishu, Sega’s talent agency “Johnny’s” is upset with the decision for the games being propped up a PC release. More precisely, the firm is unhappy that it will be arriving to a platform with opportunity for modding.

Through interpretation of the writing, it appears that Sega also battles the understanding from the talent agency as obscene to say the least. Howbeit, there is some context to understand: the firm is likely refusing to further the series in efforts to protect the likeness of the actors portrayed in the game – namely Kimura Takuya. But for the status of the game, it appears Lost Judgment might be the end of the series already as of writing.

For more on Judgment, we suggest you read our full review for the game. “Judgment may be a spinoff, but it feels like the next step for the Yakuza series,” our critic David Rodriguez explains. “Come for the crime, and stay for excellent characters. The seedy underbelly version of Kamurocho they have created, is home to superbly written detective story you didn’t know you wanted.” You can read the full piece by heading here.

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Source: Reddit

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