Prototype bundle announced and immediately available on Xbox One

Posted on July 13, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Available now, according to the Xbox marketplace, is the officially announced Prototype Biohazard pack which will include bot the first and second Prototype games as well as the dlc Prototype: Discover. It’s made by Activision along with Fun Labs and Radical Entertainment. The bundle has a release date of July 14th, which is just three hours away but the pack is available for purchase now via the Xbox marketplace.

No improvements or additions are mentioned in the description so we don’t know whether or not this is just simply a remaster or if any new features are included. It’s also important to note that the bundle is only available on the Xbox marketplace as of now with no mention of it anywhere on the PlayStation store. If you’re new to the Prototype arena, it takes place in Manhattan after a viral outbreak while you control Alex Mercer, a human that’s been mutated into a shapeshifter with incredible powers. The entire download will take up 17.6GB for both games combined.

Purchase it now from the Xbox marketplace

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