PS4 Owners Are Finding New Remote Play App Allowing Them To Stream PlayStation 5 To Their PlayStation 4

Posted on November 9, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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To the millions that already and still use the PlayStation 4, many of you should already be familiar with the Remote Play feature for the console. This allows the system owner to use the implementation of Remote Play and stream their PlayStation 4 to another device. Primarily, the support is aimed for mobile devices, but it is also available for PC and Mac as well.

However, coming the PlayStation 5 which is set to arrive later this week, the feature will carry over as you would expect. But, there will be a new app for the feature on PlayStation 4. The new application would allow user, whoever desire to do so, stream their PlayStation 5 to their PlayStation 4.

Users online on Twitter have shared to already receive word of the update when discovering it on their home screen recently.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment also spared an update on the feature as we inch very close to the PlayStation 5’ release. “We’re updating PS4’s Remote Play feature,” Sony Interactive Entertainment Content Communications Lead Sid Shuman tells. “Now, in addition to being able to access your PS4 from a PC or a mobile device, your PS4 can access other consoles via Remote Play too, right on your TV.

“This includes the ability to connect to your PS5 and stream a PS5 game to your PS4 so you can play it there. Additionally, Remote Play will add support for up to three additional users to join the Remote Play session, which allows users to enjoy local multiplayer games via Remote Play.”

Upon other oddities that has been confirmed for the PlayStation 5, Sony reiterates by verifying that support for expandable SSD storage devices will not be available at launch. You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you see yourself using the Remote Play app to use your PlayStation 5 on PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 5 is set to release on November 12, 2020 and November 19, 2020.

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