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PUBG 1.0 version release date announced

Posted on August 21, 2018 by Maddie Simpson

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The Xbox One version of PUBG will leave early access and move into full release on September 4.

After 18 patches in preview, the full release of PUBG 1.0 will continue to be developed, adding custom matches, achievements and the Sanhok map. The developers have said “the full release will feel like a different game since last December.”

The first battle royale game on Xbox, your character parachutes from an airplane, along with another 99 other players, with the objective of being the last man standing.

Starting with nothing but a pair of briefs, it’s up to you to search and scavenge your way through buildings and sheds to find new cloths, armor and, most importantly, weapons. You have to be quick because the encroaching threat is an electrical force field that shrinks the map all the way down to a mere few feet.

Hopefully you are all hungry because come September 4, it’ll be time to board that plane and get yourself some chicken dinners.

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