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PUBG Developer Reveals MMORPG Title

The team over at Bluehole has announced yesterday that they will be working on a new project separate from Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.
The game is Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR), a steampunk/fantasy world with an MMORPG gameplay mechanic. Including a combination of fantasy style combat as well as mech fighting and over the clouds dogfights. Exploration plays a big roles as seen in the trailer. With several different areas to see and fight in giving a big variety to play.
Along with options to customize characters, play styles, airships and even houses.
What’s also present in the trailer were the slowdown times from rendering the well detailed characters and objects in the game. But can be excused if this is what to be expected as the airships and plenty of enemies take up the screen as seen.
Kakao games plans for Ascent: Infinite Realm will to have a Beta by the first half of 2018.
Source: Ascent: Infinite Realm 

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