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PUBG Mobile receives Dragon Ball Super crossover in latest update

Posted on July 15, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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PUBG Mobile has a new crossover event with Dragon Ball Super and it’s available now. It’s part of the latest version 2.7 update that released on July 13. The Dragon Ball Super themed mode is playable until September 4, 2023 and it features collectible Dragon Balls that can summons Shenron.

The Dragon Ball Village, Tenkaichi Budokai, Kame House, and Karin Tower areas from the anime are included with this update. You can see all the content for this update below:

Dragon Ball Super Themed mode, where players collect Dragon Balls to bring them closer to victory on their favorite PUBG MOBILE maps

Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super mode, featuring a new animated art style world to explore as five Dragon Ball characters, all with different powers to harness

New Dragon Ball Super-themed items and outfits available in two phases

New areas, skills, items, and vehicles to celebrate the Dragon Ball Super collaboration

Additions and enhancements to the World of Wonder creative mode

New content with Cycle 5 Season 13 and the Royale Pass Ace


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