QuakeCon 2019: Original Doom Trilogy Gets Surprise Port For Current Consoles

Posted on July 28, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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The annual QuakeCon event hosted in Dallas, Texas kicked off this weekend and publisher Bethesda already has a treat for those who are fans of the Doom series. With the succeeding Doom Eternal dropping this coming November, players who might have been behind on the original titles that forged the series’ notoriety can now enjoy them on the current wave of consoles.

During the event’s livestreamed presentation, Bethesda shared that Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 will all be heading Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Developer Panic Button, known for their ports of Doom (2016) and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus for Switch, have returned to bring the original three to modern hardware.

The listed games have gone live following the announcement with the first two titles listed at $4.99, and the third installment listed for $3.99. Bethesda explains that players will have to log into their Bethesda account to access the game after purchasing the respected title. However, following the announcement fans sprinted to purchasing the new titles and were instantly faced with problems when attempting to enter in their account information.

The situation began to be a real issue as players were unable to play the game they purchased as long as they cannot enter in their Bethesda account. In response to the problem, Bethesda announced that they are working on resolving the issue, clarifying that the log in for the Slayers Club should be optional and not restricting users from playing the titles.

With the three new games on the market for players who might have missed out, now is the perfect time to catchup on the defining titles of the Doom franchise with the net anticipating title launching in a few short months.

Are you getting any of the original Doom games?

Doom Eternal will be available on November 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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