Quantum Break gets official release date at Gamescom

Posted on August 4, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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Remedy Games kicked offf Gamescom 2015 with a new trailer for Quantum Break. A new ability that was shown off was not just Jack Joyce’s ability to freeze time and move through it, but to rewind time at a specific location to see what had occurred during an event. The trailer shows Jack moving through time in a junkyard and scrap heap attempting to take down enemies as he makes his way toward deciphering what exactly happened in this rift through time.

The game also showed off some premiere tv show footage with some of the ingame cinematics that will be intertwined within the game itself. At the end, we’re also FINALLY provided a release date for the game. We will be able to freeze time as much as we want coming April 6th, 2015



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