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Rainbow Six Siege Open Beta November 25 – 29.

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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With Rainbow Six Siege only 2 weeks away from launch but Ubisoft have announced that they will be doing 1 last beta and this time it is open to the public. The Open Beta will run on all platforms and it begins November 25th and goes through the 29th with exact times varying by region. Pre-load will be available on 1st party marketplaces starting on November 23rd, and everyone who participated in the Closed Beta will have 24 hours early access starting on the 24th. The Open Beta will be focused primarily on testing matchmaking and online infrastructure, and as such will only feature a limited scope of the game’s content. Your progression will not carry over to the final game.


You’ll get to play the other three Russian Spetsnaz operators which includes the heavily armored Tachanka and his mounted machine gun, and Glaz with his very effective sniper rifle.

Operator List

The two PvP modes from the Closed Beta are back, with players fighting over room control in TDM – Secure Area or defusing and defending bomb locations in TDM – Bomb.


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