Rainbow Six Siege's US And Canadian DLC Operators leaked

Posted on January 9, 2016 by Rectify Gaming

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A pair of images surfaced on the internet showing two faces allegedly belonging to new Rainbow Six Siege DLC characters.
The images (above left) are alleged to have leaked on 4Chan before being re-uploaded to Reddit with the top image said to reveal one of the game’s new Canadian Operators, and the bottom showing a US Operator.
However the image (above right) allegedly shows the Canadian defender’s ability which looks like that of a bear trap, suggesting the trap might be used to trap enemies.
The two characters also bare a striking resemblance to concept art for two of four upcoming characters used in a official Rainbow Six Siege video earlier this week. Ubisoft has pulled out that video.
Ubisoft has yet to officially announce any of the new Rainbow Six Siege  DLC characters but we cab expect the first two to arrive on February 2nd. The first two are believed to both belong to a new Canadian Task Force, with a further six coming out before the end of 2016.
You are able to buy characters using free in-game currency called renown that you get when you play the game or by purchasing them individually for £3.99. They are also included In the season pass.

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