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Rare is going to charge players gold every time they die in Sea Of Thieves

When looking at current games, players have seen a lot of in-game currency come and go for various purposes and reasons. In the latest Sea of Thieves update, players might now see their gold taken away due to Death Costs.
In the most recent update for Sea of Thieves, the game developer Rare has announced that respawn costs are coming to the game. At the moment, dying and respawning in game takes nothing more than the player’s time When a player dies, they will have to take a trip on the Ferry of the Damned and nothing else happens. However, this is going to change soon, but Rare has not announced when this upcoming update will go live.
If you check the “Coming Updates”  portion of the release notes for Sea of Thieves, they will find the introduction of a Death Cost, which states that “the Captain of the Ferry of the Damned [will] deduct a small gold fee when [players] die.” Hopefully this update will come into play after Rare gets a handle on the gold reward and reputation system and get that up to speed.
Rare has not stated how much this Death Cost will be, but they do say that “rates are dependent on the cause of death, so the more avoidable the death, the less patience the Captain will have.” One could assume that these rates are dependent on how much a player is worth, and players will pay a percentage per that worth upon respawn.
Sea of Thieves is available now for PC and Xbox One.

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